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88% of Staged Homes sold AT or ABOVE listing price!

Staged Homes sell in an average of 11 days

The faster you sell your property the more money you cash in.

Every $100 invested in Home Staging brings a possible $400 return.

According to the National  Association of Realtors

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Example; Based on a $300,000 property

3 months carrying costs would amount to more than $7,000, plus a price reduction of possible 10%, that is almost $40,000 less in your bank account!

Monthly Carrying costs;

Mortgage (Principal and Interest) $1,400

Real Estate Taxes $500

Homeowners Insurance $90

Utilities $350

Total $2,340 x 3 months = $7,020

*Based on average costs for South Florida Residents

Staging costs vary and start at $600