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At Stage and Sell Properties, we know that not every home is the same.

We do not approach your property in the same way every other one.

Instead, we look at how we can use interior design and home staging to help you get your desired sales price.

To make the process as easy as possible for you, we offer different levels of service.

Level 1

If you don’t need much polish to showcase your home, Level 1 might be perfect.

We will assess your home, explain the notable issues, and solve the rest. Let us take care of minor issues like washing windows, tidying your landscaping, or touching up paint. We also include the following with an exclusive right to sell agency agreement.

  • Free Digital home staging – up to 3 rooms – only pictures will be staged – a U$400.00 value!
  • Free Professional Photos – Photoshop Enhancing Manipulation – a U$280.00 value!
  • Virtual 3D tour – Allows buyers, no matter where they are, to walk-through your property and have a real feel about the space, attracting possible immediate offers – a U$300.00 value!

If your property is not furnished, it is included in my real estate brokerage services: digital home staging to better showcase it.

In my first visit, I’ll compile a list of all potential negative issues a buyer will see, these will be addressed and corrected, they can be simple as power washing your windows and doors, trimming the grass, retouch a spot, clean the interior, enhance landscape curb appeal. 


Level 2

Our Level 2 services are for when you need a little extra help getting your home ready for market.

It includes all the services under Level 1, and so much more:

$100 invested in staging brings a potential $400 in return”.

  • Level 1 services plus:
  • Dining Table setting – Plates, Glasses, Flower Arrangements and more to make your dining area inviting to prospective buyers.
  • Pillows, Home Accents, Wall Art, enhancing existing furniture.
  • Landscape enhancing and  Maintenance.
  • Light remodeling**; like replacing a bathroom countertop, cabinet hardware, window treatments.

Level 2 brings all the services included in Level 1 plus an array of extra benefits, such as; small bathroom light remodel, which can include cabinet painting, new toilet, or new hardware, paint, etc…

In this level I am able to significantly change the appearance in a few rooms, I can either work with existing furniture if possible, or rent* new furniture to better showcase the property. A process of de-clutter, cleaning, painting, and few modifications are included in this level and are free of charge to the seller.


Level  3

When you are trying to sell a dated property or your home needs a lot of work, our comprehensive Level 3 services are the best fit.

They include everything in Level 2 plus these:

  • All the services included from Level 1 & Level 2*
  • A cost-effectiveness study of materials and labor.
  • Remodel and Upgrades* – Kitchen/Bathroom/Flooring/Painting – up to $20,000
  • Expert assessment of the property.
  • Furniture placement – interior design consultation and service.
  • Furniture Rental**

We even work with vacant properties that need a facelift!

Staging a home to sell is about more than interior design.

You have to help buyers imagine themselves in the space.

Let Stage and Sell Properties work for you!


Plus you don’t pay a dime until your home sells.

That’s how confident we are in our home staging services.

Services offered to sellers who enter into an Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement for a minimum of 6 months with Ana from Luxury Real Estate Group.

*/**Services herein offered as furniture rental, alterations, or improvements are paid by the realtor and will be refunded back at closing plus a 10% margin.

In case the property’ listing is canceled, if the listing agreement expires and is not renewed, or if no offer is accepted due to seller’s unwillingness to negotiate or cooperate with showings, the cost of these services plus a 20% margin will be levied against seller’s property.