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Hellish 80’s


Miramar Stairway to Hell

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This home was stuck in the 80’s, but not in a fun way!

It was more like if time didn’t pass, it reminded me when Miami Beach was known for its sexagenarian crowd, with a taste for pink flamingo wall and accent decoration, and foam-green walls.   

Colors run amok, bulk furniture made the room seem smaller, and a carpeted floor was the cherry on the top, it was a scene to make your most enthusiast buyer to run through the door.

The buyers saw the potential of the layout and space, and they knew all the changes were cosmetic and easy to achieve.

The staircase was absolutely revolting, it was painted in a metallic gold that hurt the eyes, the carpet was dirty and old, possibly smelly too (we didn’t reach that far), all it took elbow grease, and some supplies. 

The wainscoting was a bit of a hard work to achieve, being a curved wall, but the result is impressive. It added finesse to the home, without being too pompous. 

The treads were cleaned and stained, and the raisers got a marble mosaic new face.

The spindles were replaced and the handrail was stained as well. 

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