Partial or Full Home Staging will add value to your home.

Home Staging is about preparing and showcasing your house, not your lifestyle.

It’s also true, buyers don’t want to deal with remodels, and most buyers can’t see past clutter or simply lack the vision to see what it could be.

It is a fact; dated homes stay longer in the market, and sell for much less than its competitors.

From just a touch-up or a full-blown kitchen remodel,

Stage and Sell will get your property ready and bring you motivated buyers.

 From Complimentary Services to Remodels, Stage and Sell Properties is the answer to a growing demand.



Ana is fantastic! She opened our eyes to things that we were not seeing anymore. Heeding her advice we got us an offer right away!

Luiz A., Plantation, FL

If you are not sure if home staging is for you, believe me, even the most professionally decorated home needs home staging before it is listed. I thought my home would sell in an instant, but after few months sitting in the market we decided to hire Stage and Sell Properties, Ana changed few things, updated the colors, and changed some other details that were not important to us but it was to buyers, and before I knew it we got a full price offer!

Joseph M., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thank you Ana, you got us way more than the other realtors ever did! I recommend her! The math is simple, either you like to use wads of cash to light your barbecue or not if you like money in your bank account you hire a professional!

Laura C., Davie,FL

I admit I was a nonbeliever, but staging proved to be more than cosmetics, decoration, it goes deep into the buyer psychology. I recommend Stage/Sell and Ana, she is very professional, and a great person. Hey, she even helped us decorate the new place!

Annette J., Miramar, FL

Ana got our home sold in less than 10 days, for full price! We even hired her to help us decorate our new place! I highly recommend her services!

Tamara B., Aventura, FL

We hired Stage and Sell and Ana Berger sold our home fast! I was caught by surprise, one day I was minding my own business the next day I was knee deep in packing boxes!

Martin B., Hallandale, FL

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