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Ana Berger started started dabbing in arts at very early age, at age 7 she participated in a National Art Benefit Contest for children ages 5 to 12, and one of her paintings landed a serious bid, helping the local charities for children development.

As the time went by she started dedicating herself to crafts and arts, but mostly her attention was caught by interior design magazines. She started with her own parents home, changing curtains, adding pillows, and other small details, always on the economical side, after all, most were done by hand or  by “recycling” few items, and to her parents surprise, visitors were impressed by such talent in a such young girl, that few family members asked her for some tips around their homes, no need to say a career was born.

Today she allied the creativity of the interior design side to the realtor’s market knowledge.

Together these two invaluable tools get her listing clients a fast sale and usually for more than they would get working with a regular realtor, all of this for nothing more than a regular listing fee.