Stage and Sell Properties was created with a singular goal, make properties reach their max sale potential by refreshing, updating following up tendencies, and marketing.

Properties that are staged and refreshed have a better chance of a fast sale and sell for more.

In this competitive market buyers have great tools at their disposal, like TV shows from HGTV, where the audience is constantly updated on market tendencies and remodels, as well tools like Realtor.com or Zillow.com, where MLS listings are available and constantly being updated.

Homes that are not prepared for sale simmer in the MLS market longer periods than those that were refreshed.

As a realtor and an interior designer by passion, it is my job to make my listings look their best, it is my job to get my clients the best deal possible, I personally invest in my client’s listings, it is my money working to get my clients more money.

About Stage and Sell Properties

I am very passionate about searching for only the best properties on the market and offering them to my clients. I am a dedicated and experienced real estate agent waiting for a chance to be helpful to your cause, whether it’s a summer rental search in Miami or a purchase & mortgage of a Condo in South Florida. So I am sure that whatever type of property you’re searching for, Stage and Sell Properties will be the agency to get it found, checked and offered for you!

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