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About Stage and Sell Properties

We combined the experience of a seasoned realtor®️ and the knowledge of a professional home stager. 

Stage & Sell Properties and Luxury Real Estate Group are the perfect partners to sell your home faster and for more money! 

Are you ready to sell your house?

Do you need a real estate agent that knows how to move houses?

At Stage and Sell Properties, we specialize in home staging and real estate services.

Presenting a well-cared home and creating a property that gives a positive first impression are both important keys to effectively market and sell your house.

We have a reliable, proven record of helping people like you connect with buyers and we can get your house sold faster than you ever imagined, that means more money in your bank!

Ask Yourself; 

Would you buy an out-dated home?

Most Buyers won’t!

No one likes the idea of paying a mortgage and living in a rental place while they remodel their new home, nor, the idea of living in a construction site.

If you are selling your home, performing any sort of major home improvement project can be a challenge.

It takes time and money that you might not have readily available as you look to purchase a new home.

For many sellers this means staying an average of 84.6* days on the market, dropping the price of their home, and paying carrying costs!

This can turn into 10-20% loss!

But even if you want to invest in your property before listing it if you don’t understand where to put your money, you could miss the mark.

Now imagine that you had a realtor®️ with home staging experience that could work with you to appeal to buyers in your price point.

It changes everything.

*statistics based on a survey of 2000 properties around the country

Staging to Sell

Sometimes it doesn’t take much to make a big difference.

You just need a reliable home stager professional to partner with and get it all done.

Sometimes, the changes you need to sell your home are as small as clearing the surfaces and rearranging the furniture.

Adding the right furniture will improve your odds of making a fast sale too.

Other times, you need to remodel parts of the house, kitchen and bathrooms are big-ticket items, but they sell homes!

You just need to provide enough substance and space that a prospective buyer can imagine living there.

Stage and Sell Properties can help you make that happen.

Ideally, a full-gut would be preferable in this bathroom, but if the budget is tight a simple white glazing would produce wonders!

Sell your home fast, by investing in it.

According to the National Association of Realtors, every $100 that you invest in staging your home, brings $400 in return.

Get more from your home than you ever imagined.


88% of the staged homes sold AT or ABOVE listing price!*


Stage and Sell Properties will work with you to understand what makes your house a home and stage your property to showcase the features buyers love best.

We have a proven track record of using home staging and creativity to help sell a home.

Let us help you sell yours!

* statistics based on a survey of 2000 staged homes around the country 

Sometimes, changes are as easy as painting a wall, replacing the furniture or just de-cluttering!

We are here to help you! Get yourself a week off while we work, you deserve it!

Properties that are not staged or upgraded attract fewer buyers. 

And everybody knows, the longer your property stays in the market, the less you will get!

By investing in your property you are giving yourself the best chance to sell it right away, “every $100 invested in home staging brings a potential $400 in return” according to the National Association of Realtors.

Today the old saying holds truer than ever, It takes Money to make Money”.

If you want your property to sell fast and for more money*, then there is only one solution, invest in it.

*when compared to non-staged homes

Home Staging helps sellers to even get over-asking price offers.

For example, a $300,000 property, when not properly staged can get its price reduced by 10% or even more, a considerable $30,000 to $60,000 less in your pocket, but on the other hand, when it’s staged and upgraded correctly, it can get offers well over the asking price.